The Reading Coach


Helen Watson asked me to develop a website that would get across that learning to read could be a fun experience. I think you will see that this has been achieved. I know that Helen is certainly very happy with the layout of the site. The copy was written by Kate White of Front Page [...]

Business Growth Club


We were asked by the client, Neil Foley to build a membership web site with the ability to drip feed modules of content such as videos, workbooks and audio files. The site is infinitely expandable with the ability to add future functionality as and when it may be required.          

Lorraine Grant Hypnotherapist


Lorraine is a hypnotherapist based in Norwich. She can help with a range of issues such as fears & phobias, anxiety & stress and weight loss. Her background is in nursing and has worked counselling teenagers. Offering them support through challenging times. She is skilled in using cognitive behaviour therapies and trained with the East Anglian Institute [...]

Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd.

This site incorporates a booking system so that the company can take bookings for their health and safety courses online.              

Crystal Clean

We were asked to upgrade the business image of Crystal clean. A new logo was designed and the brand revitalised to bring it up to date and give it consistency throughout the business.      

Straightforward Hypnotherapy


Steve Dunn is a hypnotherapy practitioner based in Norwich. He wanted a clean contemporary marketing platform to direct potential clients to, so that they could easily understand the services that he provides.

GSG Shepherds Huts

I was asked by Gavin to help with his overall marketing. I was able to help him to co-ordinate his overall brand image culminating in the development of this website to be used as the centre of his business marketing strategy.

First Connect Fire & Security Ltd.


This project uses bespoke photography to raise the credibility of the business. Many images show the high level client base that the company works for. Also the uses of client logos and emblems and the use of testimonials and further credibility. Calls to action are placed on each page to prompt the page viewer and [...]

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