You’re perhaps thinking that your business needs a new website or perhaps you are just starting out in business and you know that you need a website but there are so many ideas to choose from it’s hard to know which way to go.

There are ways to get a cheap website. Wix for example. You can design and build the website yourself. I ask you though, to consider all of the pros and cons with each possible direction you could go in.

Can you move the site? Is it actually yours? Many suppliers of content management system websites have the system on their own servers. This means that if you decide to move or require more functionality, you need then to have a completely new website. With WordPress that problem doesn’t exist, as it can be moved anywhere and can be grown with your business. Any extra functionality can be added at any time as WordPress works with “Plugins”. Individual components that you install as and when you need them.

On ┬áthe “Do I build it myself?” question. Let’s look at the implications. Will you have enough ideas to come up with a design that will convert? Surely there’s not much point in having a website that perhaps doesn’t have the right information and isn’t directed at your target market.

Website design is a lot more than just the design. The image of the site must match what people in your target market would expect to see. If it doesn’t they simply won’t buy from you. Having the right photographs on the site is of paramount importance. You might say, “I’ll use stock images”. That’s fine. I use them all the time. Do you have the experience though to determine which ones will help or hinder the growth of your business. The text or copy on the site. How much text? Too long and a visitor will get bored and go away. Not enough and your business message might not get across.

I build WordPress websites that work. They convert. This is because I sit down with my clients to understand exactly what their business is about. Then I can use that information to target their market, so when the right people visit the site, they are much more likely to contact you by picking up the phone or sending you an email.

The great thing about WordPress is it’s versatility. You can literally do anything with it and there’s no reason why you would ever need another website.

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