Ease of use makes WordPress the ideal platform for your website, but there are many SEO advantages as well. One of these is that WordPress makes it very easy to create search engine friendly url’s.

Why is this important? Because url’s with parameters may not get into the search index at all. So what’s a parameter? If your site url’s are something like http://mysite.co.uk/P?=1234, then the bit with the question mark is the parameter. By default, WordPress would use this system but it’s easy to change in WordPress so that it’s much easier for search engines to crawl and thereby index your pages.

The WordPress search engine friendly url system is called permalinks and it’s easy to set up in the settings of your WordPress website.

Now I’m not saying that url’s with parameters is a particularly bad thing, but surely you would want as many of your web pages in the Google index as possible right?

You can optimise your url’s in search console, formally known as webmaster tools. This will help Google index your site, but what about the other search engines? They may never be able to index all of your pages if they contain parameters.

Simply put, if you choose WordPress, the question of how to deal with parameters doesn’t arise and there will be no barriers to getting as many of your content rich relevant web pages into the SERPS.

So if you look in the address bar of your website and you see “?”. Your website may not be able to perform to its best potential.

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