The majority of users coming to your website here in 2017, will be using a mobile device. Therefore it’s now more important than ever that your site is mobile friendly. Google is now favouring mobile optimised websites with “Mobile first indexing”. Perhaps you’ve heard about this? I suspect that many of you haven’t.

If you’d like to check that your site is mobile friendly, simply search on Google for “Mobile friendly test”. You can then enter your domain and it’ll tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not.

If you have a WordPress website it’s likely that it is a responsive mobile friendly website as this is an integral part of the modern WordPress core functionality.

I still see many websites that are not responsive. If your website isn’t, it is very likely that you are losing business. Yes it’s possible to view the desktop version of a site on a mobile but it’s not that easy to read. This will then put many potential customers off looking further at your business.

These days it’s all about the user experience. If you are not providing a good user experience with your website, you will losing placing in the search engines index.

Scrolling down a page on a mobile isn’t a problem, but having to “zoom in” to read text or look at images will just put people off and they’ll going a find another website offering your service.

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