Some of this might seem a bit controversial but please read on as it’ll save you a lot of headaches about which keywords you should be ranking for on Google.

Stop trying to get on the first page of Google for any, yes, I mean ANY, specific keywords.

If you write good quality content and add it to your website in the form of a blog, you have a much better chance of getting high up the search engines for thousands of key phrases rather than concentrating on a few highly competitive search terms as you may now be doing. The search terms you may be trying to target now, may not even be bringing you that much business. I was showing a client the other day how by changing the search term he was typing in to Google even slightly, his position in the Google index was changing dramatically. So you see, the amount of people typing in the exact search term that you may be fixated on, is likely to be very few. There will always be so many variations that may get you higher anyway.

Write specific content and answer your potential clients questions and you stand a much higher chance of driving the right traffic to your website.

I’m not saying that if you can rank for highly competitive search terms that isn’t good but I am saying that you shouldn’t fret if you don’t and don’t spend too much time trying to. If you really want to rank for certain search terms, I’d suggest that you take a look at AdWords.

I’ve spoken before that Google is a semantic search engine now. It’s years since Google searched only for the keywords that you type in. Googles algorithm looks for the meaning of words. This makes the context much more important than the word itself. This is something I concentrate very much on in my blogging club. If you want to learn more about this, give me a call and we can meet up for a coffee and a chat.

That’s it for this post. I hope it helps and you’ll sleep better knowing that that chasing certain keywords isn’t the be all and end all. There is a better way.