I was talking to someone just the day and he asked this question A bit indirectly really. Almost he was believing that no-one could have an answer. My response though was a simple one. ‘Do you add regular highly relevant interesting content content to your website.’? His answer was that he’d added a couple of blog posts since his site was launched quite a few months ago but he’d done virtually nothing since.

‘How do you market the website?’ I asked. ‘I didn’t think I needed to’ He said. He told me that SEO had been done to the site and he’d been told that Google would index his website for the optimised search terms. He said that that had happened and soon after the site launched, he was showing on the first page of Google for a couple of good search terms but that they had recently disappeared.

Now I can’t tell him or anyone why you might lose places in the Google index. Google is altering it’s algorithm almost daily. The one thing I could tell him was that he needed to be regularly adding good content to the site. Then a good Social media campaign would also benefit him greatly.

‘How long will it take to get those search terms back?’ He asked. ‘I’ve no idea if you ever will’ I replied. What I did then say to him was that if he was adding the right type of content to his site, he wouldn’t be too worried about specific search terms as he had a much greater chance of being found for search terms that he hadn’t even thought of.

Trying to rank highly in Google for short terms is all very well, but with everyone trying to get on the first page of Google, isn’t it better to concentrate on what we call ‘long tail search terms’. These are the more specific questions and enquiries that people type in to the search box. These search terms may not be searched for quite so often, but when they are and your website comes up. It is much more likely that they will click through to your site. Giving you a much higher percentage chance of a conversion.

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