You might imagine that it could be difficult to find the right content for your blog posts. Especially if you want to add quality content on on a very regular basis.

Remember that it’s you who knows your business and it’s probably you that answers the questions that a prospective customer might ask. Write down the answer that you would give and there you have it – a blog post. That simple? Well OK, there are a few other things that you might need to know in order to get to an audience that will actually read your post, but in the main, that is it.

In 2017 and I’m sure beyond, The addition of relevant and informative content to a website forms the crux of getting engagement with your website and building your authority in your field of expertise. You can’t give a better user experience than by answering the questions that prospective and current customers would ask. As long as your website is easily navigable and understandable, there is no reason why the combined approach of design and content shouldn’t help you convert visitors in to customers.

So in my opinion, the greatest source of content for your blog posts and web pages is already in your head. You may need a copywriter to help you get your thoughts down in such a way that is more easily understood and digestible to a reader (I certainly sometimes do) and you may need help teasing out the ways to get your own expertise out into the open but I assure you it really is worth it.

In my view, it has been that my own experience in my field and acquired knowledge that has allowed me to learn to write down, and then freely give out information that will help my web clients decide on which marketing strategies to pursue.

If you would like any help with this, please contact me as I’d be happy to explain more about how finding the right content for your web site can help your business to grow.

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