Sorry but I feel a rant coming on. If your website doesn’t connect directly to your target audience it simply won’t get you any business. It doesn’t matter how new, modern and fancy the web site looks, it just won’t convert.

Why am I saying this now? Well I’ve just looked at someones lovely looking brand new website and then spent the next ten minutes try to work out what they actually do!

What’s the offer! What are they selling! What’s the product! And why should anyone buy!

If someone comes on to your website and can’t work out what you do very quickly and I mean, within a few seconds, they’ll go away. It’s that simple.

Ok. Rant over. Nearly……:-)

If you’re getting a new website, please, please, please, research your target market at least to some degree. Have at least some idea of what your target market is looking for and then tailor your web copy, images and calls to action to them.

Try not to use too many stock images. If you do, you’ll look like every other company doing a similar thing. If they are buying in to you personally and really that’s what you want. Have photos of yourself on the site. People buy from people. You’ve probably heard that said many times before.

Don’t put too much text on the site. Only enough to prompt the call to action. You want them to contact you with questions. you can answer question in your blog. If you don’t know how to do that, come along to my blogging club.

I don’t normally put out posts that are this harsh but I’m only writing this with the best intentions.

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