Voice search is becoming more and more mainstream. We’ve had “Siri” and “Cortana” and Amazon has “Alexa”. Understanding the technology may not be important but understanding the impact of voice search certainly is.

Targeting long tail key phrases in your content marketing strategy is becoming even more important. We possibly already know that if we ask a question in the title of our blog posts and then answer the question in the body of the post, that valuable information is likely to find favour with the search engines and more importantly, enhance the user experience.

According to a post on searchenginewatch.com, the growth of question queries is up by nearly 50% in the last year. Queries such as “Where” and “When” are up by nearly 300% in the last year.

For local search, the implications of this are huge. As you are writing blog posts, bear in mind that someone might be searching for “where is….” a product or service is as much or more than a “How to…”

I cover the topic of how to write questions and answers for blog posts in my monthly SEO & Blogging course. You can read more about the course on the SEO Course Norwich page.


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