Did you know that Google knows what you mean when you are searching for something? This is called “Semantic Search”.

Over the years Google has paid more and more attention to understanding the context in which a search is performed. The word “semantics” is defined as the study of meanings. This means that every time you perform a  search on Google, the result that is returned is not just about the key words or key phrase that you type in. Google is seeking to understand exactly what it is that you are searching for in order to return the most relevant result.

It’s context that is important and if you can remember this when writing your blog posts, you’ll find keyword research a lot easier. That’s because it’s not about the keywords exactly. It’s understanding their meaning and the context in which they are used.

I’ve been learning from Google since 2002. Relevance has always been key in their philosophy. Target your writing and keep it relevant to the search term that you are optimising for and you’ll get better placement in the SERPS.

Perhaps not quite that simple but not far off. You need to remember that it’s important to get your expertise in your field across to your audience in a simple and digestible way as possible. Write plain English so that anyone can understand. That might seem obvious but it’s all to easy to use technical wording and phraseology and forget that your audience might not understand. We in business are all guilty of that sometimes. Aren’t we? I know I am.

So, in a nutshell, Google knows what you mean when you are searching for something. So if you type in to Google “Where best to eat in Norwich?”. Google knows that you could be looking for a restaurant and you didn’t use the word “restaurant” in your search.

Is that clear? I do hope so. If not, give me a call and I’ll sit down with you and explain more. If you are interested in learning more about blog writing, why not come along to my blogging club. It’s on every month. Take a look at The Blogging Club page.

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