It can’t be stressed enough as to how important it is that the page layout of your business web pages is thought about with great care.

Web page images

Too many images, images too large or too small or no images can put the visitor off and they’ll never make that all important next step of contacting you to buy your product or service. A call to action could be contained within an image.

Readable chunks

Most people won’t even read what you’ve written. That doesn’t mean you don’t make the text readable. It must be. It must also be in a format that people can read easily. The most important thing is to get your sales message across.

Use white space

White space on your web pages is as important as the text and images. Too much white space though will make your pages look like you’ve got nothing to say. Using columns allows you to provide your visitors with easily readable content.

When considering who you want to design your website, it’s worth remembering that the point of having a website at all is to generate enquiries in to your business. High quality content that’s laid out in an easy to read professional manner is of the utmost importance. A content management system such as WordPress or Bongo which was created by Designtec Ltd, is ideal for giving you the ability to construct your web pages and add content that will drive people to your website.

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