A question I’m asked many many times is “Why should I choose WordPress for my Website?”

The simple answer is that a WordPress website will probably be more versatile than any other content management system out there; Drupal and Joopla for example. The thing for me though,  that makes WordPress the best option, is that it’s so easy to use. This means my clients can easily edit parts of their website as they need to. They may come to me for some advice as the layout of the pages is very important as this helps with conversion.

What’s conversion?, you may be asking…Well having a website is about making your phone ring and getting lots of enquiries. The layout of your site is important for this to happen. And that’s a great thing about WordPress. It’s easy to alter pages and duplicate pages so you can keep the page layouts the same without using templates.

I’m not saying that template systems aren’t good, but websites can look a bit samey. Don’t you think?

The range of commercial themes that are available to buy for WordPress is staggering. I’ve no idea how many, but you can guess it’s quite a few. I use what’s called multi-purpose themes to build the sites for my clients. This means I have complete control over every aspect of the design and therefore I don’t use templates at all. This ensures that each of my designs is different.

Sliders, do you like sliders? I do as they engage the visitor and help to get a sales message across very quickly. It’s all about conversion. Remember?

As I was saying about versatility, there’s almost nothing you can’t add to a WordPress website in terms of functionality. There are plugins that will do almost anything you could wish for. Plugins to speed up your website, add an Events calendar, connect to social media platforms and much more. There also various eCommerce plugins that are available to turn your website into an online store selling from one to a thousand products. The most popular being Woocommerce.

WordPress also makes it easy to connect to Google Analytics if you want to track various aspects of your site performance.

As yet I haven’t even mentioned that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform there is. Write blog posts regularly and you’ll get lots of traffic to your WordPress website.

If you need help with blogging, take a look at my SEO & Blogging course page. The course runs every month in Norwich, Norfolk and I’d love to see you there.

If I can help you with anything regarding a WordPress website, please do not hesitate to contact me by phoning 01603 383477 or filling in my contact form.