Have you seen the shopping Ads on Google? These are the image Ads you see at the top of the Google search pages when you are conducting a search for a product that you are looking to buy. The Ad shows the product image, the product title, the name of the company selling the product and the price of the item.
I used Google shopping Ads to great benefit when I owned my online retail lighting business.

In the early days, shopping Ads was called “Froogle”. Anyone remember that? It was free in those days, but it’s effectiveness was limited. Google then brought out a paid version and it soon became clear that the return on investment for the paid shopping Ads would be well worth the expenditure.

It certainly worked for me!

So how does it work? You need to set up a Google merchant centre account in which you can add your products. You can do this manually or create a file that you can upload to process a batch. It’s not difficult to get the required information from your eCommerce website database to then upload to merchant centre. You then can link your merchant centre account to Google Adwords to administer the campaign.

The beauty of this type of Adwords campaign is that you don’t have to worry about keyword research as the product information is taken from your eCommerce website.

You pay for the click through to the product. Possibly you can see how highly targeted this is as your product won’t show up on Google unless someone is actually searching this particular product or something very similar.

If you sell products online. Take a look in to this. I think it could benefit your online retail business hugely. As I said, I had great success with it myself.

I can help with Google Shopping Ads

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