I’m sure by now that your business website will be a responsive, mobile friendly one and if it isn’t please get in touch. What about site speed though?

Google says that on average, 75% of people will abandon a mobile website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. Site speed is well worth our consideration then don’t you think?

It’s not difficult to ensure that image sizes are as small as possible. Keep the resolution of your web images as low as possible and that will help. Enabling Gzip compression on your website will also help.

In my opinion, Google is more than a little harsh in how it talks about site speed. Googles site speed tests will often come up as “poor” or “needs work”. In my view you can only do the best you can. I’m a web designer and getting web sites to perform at a good speed is no easy task. With content management websites, the owner is able to add content and if the images that are uploaded are too large, that can be a major reason for a slower than needs be website.

I think if we can be aware that site speed is a major consideration, then we can all do our best to ensure that our sites are as fast as possible to give the best user experience.

Website imagery is the easiest thing to work on. Only upload images that are as low a resolution as possible. Look at file compression as that will also help your site speed.

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