I get asked about Google Adwords quite often. Although to be honest, more often than not, I’m told that AdWords is expensive! The truth is that AdWords can be expensive if you’re not doing it right. You can probably imagine that many people don’t appreciate being told that they might simply be doing it wrong!

I try to be diplomatic I promise! Anyway for those of you like minded people out there that believe that Google AdWords could work for them, I’m just going to give you a brief run through of the things you should be looking out for to ensure that your budget goes as far as possible.

There are many things to watch for as you are setting up the account even. Not just with the running of it. So here goes, what should you be looking at first?

Location – Where are you targeting? – I’ve seen many accounts of businesses that only sell in Norfolk or East Anglia, yet their AD’s are showing all over the country. Google Adwords allows you to target as specific and area as you might want so take advantage of that and don’t waste money targeting where you don’t sell to.

Ad Scheduling – Are you targeting the right times of day? More tricky to work out perhaps but getting this right can save you a heap of money.

Ok. that’s the two most important things to look at during set up but please be aware that there are other settings that could impact on the budget you set.

Next and most easiest to at least see, is the quality score. If the quality score of a keyword is low, it’s very likely that you are wasting money. How to fix it? This involves working on the landing page itself as well as the ADwords campaign. Whenever I run Adwords campaigns for clients, I make it clear that I need to able to work on the whole system. This is imperative. I won’t take on an account unless I am given complete access. This way I can save my clients a lot of money.

The next thing is Match type – I’m not going to say too much here about match type as I won’t give away secrets of how I manage to make Adwords work so well. Trust me though, getting the match types right is vital. Get it wrong and it’ll cost you a lot of money for no return.

That’s it for now. Hopefully this information will encourage you to give AdWords a go and if you are already using it, perhaps something I’ve said here will help to save you some money.

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