Google does say that to provide an exceptional user experience you should link to good quality web pages that may provide information that will help the user. This does throw up a question in my head though. “How many of us check that the content we are linking to, really will help the user?”

My philosophy has always been that if you have high quality content on your site that answers the questions of your users, you don’t then need to be sending them off anywhere else anyway. After all, the aim of your website should surely be to attract potential customers. Not send them off to someone else’s website!

We learn this morning, and thank you to Martin Reynolds – Social Media Made Easy, for this information. Facebook is now focusing on limiting the reach of posts that link to “little substantive content”. About time too! I say. As I’m sure everyone who knows me is aware. My quest to educate anyone who’ll listen to me that quality content is essential for building a business ,never ceases.

When I started in website content marketing 15 years ago, I was listening to what Google was saying about the value of linking to quality content. I think the phrase was “If you create great content then people will naturally link to it”. Remember that Bill Gates was saying “Content is King” in 1997.

To sum up then – Yes link to other websites than your own if you want, but please ensure that whatever page you are linking to, offers the user the best possible information. When linking from Facebook to your own site. Ensure that the content you are sharing is really worth sharing.


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