I’ve been asked this question few times recently and the answer in short is a resounding “NO”.

A brand new domain can’t have any SEO impact. Good or bad. Buying a .com as well as the .co.uk and pointing one to the other is fine if you just want to be sure that someone else can’t have a similar domain to you. To be honest though, there’s not much point in doing this either any more are there are now so many domain suffixes to choose from.

You’re far better spending all of your time and effort building up the SEO on your main domain. If you do all of the on site┬áSEO properly and follow as many off-site best practices as possible, then it’ll be your web pages at the top of Google anyway.

If you do decide to go for multiple domains. To get anywhere at all with it. You’d have to put different content on each otherwise you could suffer a duplicate content penalty. You’d have to do SEO for each site. Write blog posts for each site….I think you get where I’m going with this.

Although carrying out search engine optimisation on your site takes time. It lasts forever. You just need to follow the best practices as laid down by Google. A content rich web site, filled with relevant web pages. Then get it out there that you are the expert that everyone should be coming to for advice. People will then share your content and you will get more enquiries.
Adding content by blogging is the way to show that you can answer any question in your field of expertise. The future of marketing is going to be just this. Content marketing is the way forward. whether it might be by social media posts, articles on LinkedIn or blog posts on your website.

Unless you think you can do this for websites on different domains, then sticking to one domain and marketing your content in the way I’ve explained, is the way forward for your business.

If you are not good at adding content, why not come along to my blogging club. I can show you how it’s done and you’ll get to meet the other members and expand your network.

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