Having a well designed website with testimonials and appropriately placed calls to action is highly important. But what if no-one can find your website? A range of marketing methods need to be employed on your website to ensure that your Norfolk business will be found by the search engines.

  1. Blogging – Regular blog posts will ensure that the search engines robots will crawl your website often. The more frequently you add rich and relevant content to your site, the more frequently the search engine spiders will return.
  2. Paid search – PPC marketing is an essential tool in the overall online marketing mix for your business. A Google Adwords account gives you the opportunity to place certain key phrases on the first page of Google.
  3. Social media – Another great way of getting fresh original content onto your website is by Facebook and Twitter feeds. Use social media to keep your business in your clients minds eye. Repeat business is the best business.
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Internet marketing services

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These are just a few of the tools available that will help to make your website visible on the internet. There are many more and they all need to be employed to ensure healthy business growth. Contact me now for further details.