I was at a networking event recently and took away a few business cards. I got back to my office and decided  to check out the companies online. Being a web designer, I guess I would do this as you never know, one of these companies could become a client.

Out of the 5 businesses I checked out, one of the business cards was nothing like their website! Now possibly the business is having new cards printed and just decided to give out the cards they had instead of handing out nothing. That is a reason. However, I would always say that it’s best to launch a new brand image all at once. Waiting until everything is in place if necessary. The thing is; I now know, that this businesses website was an old one and they hadn’t the money to have a new one built. Finance is always difficult but brand image is such an important thing.

If you want your business to grow, conformity with all of your marketing material is vital. You will lose customers if not. What’s worst is, you won’t know they were a possible client as they won’t tell you.

Business cards, letterheads, website, leaflets, banners. All must match or you will be losing out to your brand savvy competition.

Think about your email address as well. I still see many companies with their own web domain but they’re using a Hotmail or a Gmail account for their emails. Try to avoid this. create an email address for your domain and use that. All these things add up. If you can get your brand image consistent across the board, you’ll stand the best chance of winning that next important customer that crosses your office threshold.

These days I help many businesses establish their brand identity. They come to me because they know that I can help them with their online presence but very often, they soon see that there image may need a little clarity.

If you’d like more information about the importance of your brand identity, you can contact me by phoning 01603 383477 or filling in my contact form. I’d really like to hear from you.