A call to action is an instruction to your web page visitor, designed to provoke a response. If you want more customers, you need calls to action on your business web pages because it has been proven to increase business enquiries by up to 90%. Ok, maybe not a push button or not even necessarily a link that takes them somewhere else, but when a potential customer lands on your web page, they should be given a clear message telling them what you want them to do. “Buy now”, “Call us now” or “Subscribe now”.

Be clear

Your web page copy should clearly tell them why buying your product or service will be of benefit to them. They have a need for something, you fulfil the need. They have a problem, you tell them why it’s you they need to employ in order to solve the problem.

Fulfil their need

Once you’ve assured them that you can fulfil their need and therefore are the best person to help them, they then have all the information required to encourage them to complete the call to action.

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In conclusion

A web page needs to be thought about carefully before you publish. The layout must allow the page to be read easily. The balance between text and images must be just right. A call to action should be on every page. It has been proven that by having an effective call to action on every one of your web pages, you can increase the level of enquiries in to your business by up to 90%.