My websites are aimed primarily at those people who want to start selling on the internet and don’t know how. I’ve said before on other pages that getting a website designed and built is only the first step. If you are new to online selling, you’ll need some help with what to do next.

Obviously I’m not going to give a business lesson right here but you need to be aware that there are a few fundamentals to be a successful online retailer. In other pages on this website I have already detailed ideas and tips on how to make your on-line business venture a rip roaring success. The first step really is to contact me about designing and hosting your website along with choosing a domain name.

The key to successful selling in my opinion is the same whether you have a high street retail outlet or a website. Customer service. That’s it, two words only. Be clear and precise about what you are offering to your customers. If you are selling a product, that’s not really too difficult, as you will have the price clearly displayed next to a picture of the item. But what about the other questions a customer will want to know the answer to, before they buy from you. What’s your returns policy? With selling a product on-line, the law is clear. Make sure your customers are aware of the distance selling regulations, you can easily detail the salient points on your terms and conditions page. Make sure your terms page is easily accessible from any page on your website.

Where are you? might seem a silly question as they are buying from your website and you probably deliver and pick up from all over the country. People will still want to know your physical location and be able to easily find it stated on your website. Building trust with your customers is vital. The quicker and easier they can find answers like these about you, the quicker they will buy from you. Make it easy for customers to find out exactly who you are and you will gain their trust quickly. Then they will buy from you and come back time and time again.