An effective eCommerce website marketing campaign can be carried out without spending any money at all. The written word is very powerful. Use your in depth knowledge of your business to write about it and that will get you noticed on the web. I talk about how to do this on the other pages on this website so I won’t go into it again here. Set up a Google account, get a Google+ page and post to it every day.

Get your business location on Google places for business. There are many free tools on Google that will help you to get your business noticed. Do your suppliers have websites? If they do you might be able to get them to put a link on their website back to yours. There are some business directories that you should be able to get listed in. Thompson local,; both of these will list your business for free. It all helps.

There are certainly other business directories that will either list your business for free or for a small fee. Personally I don’t advocate going in directories that insist you link back to their website. These are called “reciprocal links”. Only link your site back to another site if it is clearly operating in your sector. This could be a customer of yours, a supplier or even someone selling products similar to you.