You have a nice shiny new website that you are sure is capable of converting visitors into customers but what next?

If your website doesn’t get up the search index your lovely brand new website won’t be seen by anyone!

What to do then?! Well don’t panic. Making Google love your website isn’t that difficult. Remember that there are many many keywords and various combinations of key phrases that someone could type in to Google to find your website. So how to be at reasonably sure that your site will be found for enough search terms to give you enough web traffic and therefore enough enquiries for your business to ultimately be successful? Content is the answer. Write or have written enough high quality relevant content for your website and you will then stand the best chance of being found for many key phrases. Many of which you won’t even think of yourself. I’m sure that many people find my website though typing in key phrases that I wouldn’t dream of optimising for. It’s worth noting that Google recently said that 15% of searches per month are unique. Difficult to believe when you think that the internet has been around for quite a while now.

I’m talking really about long tail keywords. Those questions that your potential customers will already be asking, but you’re not being found for because you’re not adding the right content to your website.

Yes, I know you’re busy but do you want more business? Most people say yes when I ask that question. If your answer is yes, then by allocating a few hours a month, to adding the right content to your site, your website will rise up the Google rankings and as I say, for many key phrases that you won’t even think of.

How to know what to write? The answer to this is truly inside your head. You actually already know. I’ll explain why. You know when someone calls your business and asks you a question? You know the answer. Right? Simply turn the question and answer in to a blog post. There you have it. That’s the secret of how to make Google love you in a nutshell.

If you think you’ll still struggle in doing this. Why not come along to my blogging club. In the club each week, I show how to research and write terrific content for your website that will get you found.

Take a look at The Blogging Club page for further information or contact me by phoning 01603 383477 or filling in my contact form.