You can rest assured that your website when hosted by me will be completely secure and all data will be backed up. I always make regular back ups of the databases on my server. This is essential as most websites these days rely on the information and website data being stored in a database. Gone are the days when web pages themselves contained the data.

Any website that is on a content management system relies on a database so that you are able to add and alter information on your website simply by logging in to an admin section on the website. That content is obviously very valuable to your business as it is the content stored in the database that ultimately brings the visitors to your site.

It is for these reasons that your website hosting is an incredibly important consideration when thinking of starting a business and getting a website to promote your business.

I also make and keep backups of the website files as well. If your website is rich in images, these are stored in a directory within your website file system on the server. If you have a WordPress website, it is a simple job to relocate your website to another server if required. A back up of your website files and database can be restored to another server very easily if, in the highly unlikely event that any files were lost.

If you would like further information about the hosting of your website, please contact me. I have an office near Norwich in Norfolk, East Anglia.