In a world of smart phones, laptops, desk top computers, ipads and other tablets, the only thing we can be certain of is that they are all different. The screen sizes on all of these different devices will obviously vary greatly. In addition, few mobile devices will support flash content. In order to ensure that your web site is mobile friendly, keep it simple. Ensure that the design is responsive. This means that the layout of the website will alter depending on the size of the screen that the site is being viewed on.

With an eCommerce website it is essential to keep the ordering process as simple as possible. Having said that you need to ensure that as much information is available to the customer before buying. This approach will limit the amount of returns to your store. If you are selling a product where it is difficult for you to convey a true description of the product if the product is being viewed on a small screen, you may find your percentage of returns goes up because the customer could not see exactly what they were buying. Perhaps it would be wise to ensure that your contact details are very prominent when being viewed on a small screen, giving your customer added encouragement to contact you before buying. There are of many products where this will not be an issue. Just products that you would normally think of as a considered purchase.

Ensure that images on your website are not so large that they would take a while to load, even on a desktop computer. Keeping your images as small as possible will reduce the load time for mobile devices and give the user the best possible buying experience. Remember that if your website loads quickly, has a responsive design and is generally easy to use. You may be already one step ahead of your competition.