Images are everything. It is therefore extremely important to know, that if you are going to be an online selling success, you have to be able to make sure your pictures or photos of your products are are good as possible. Luckily it’s not actually that difficult to do. Make sure they are square and that they are not more than 1000 pixels in diameter. That’s it, it really is. There is absolutely no reason to have images on any website larger than 1000 pixels wide. any larger and you may have problems with the image loading in a browser when your customer visits your site. Your website on the fly image resizing will resize them down to about 750 pixels maximum. So you may ask why upload them at 1000 pixels then? The reason is that all the money is on Google indexing larger images over smaller images in the future. That’s it, that simple.

There are free online image editors you can use for image resizing but if you can, buy something like photoshop elements. It’s not the full photoshop but you wont need that anyway. The reason for ensuring that the pictures you use in your online shop are square is that your site will simply look more professional. Image thumbnails of different lengths and widths will make your website look messy. You certainly don’t want that!