Once I have uploaded your website, I will give you login details to the admin so that you will be able to administer your web site. From with the admin of the website you will be able to add pages to your site. Simply click on “Pages” which is situated in the right hand menu in the admin. From there you can either add a new page or edit an existing one. Choose a suitable title, remembering that if you title the page such that it can at least contain some wording that might be indexed by the search engines, you are more than half way there. By the way, this goes for product titles and blog posts too.

It is important to make the page readable by anyone. All too often you search for something and the page you land on has very little content and has clearly been designed for the benefit of search engines and not for humans. Your page should contain paragraphs, a picture or some pictures if you want to. Although pictures are not totally necessary as long as the page has paragraphs that are broken down in to reasonably sized readable chunks. If your page is about products in an online shop, link at least some of the relevant text to products within the shop. Then when someone is reading your page about a particular item, they will be able to click some linked text and go straight to the item in question.