Here are some tips on how to make your Google AdWords clicks cheaper.

There are people that say to me that they wouldn’t advertise using Google AdWords because they believe it is expensive. It’s true that it can cost more than it should if you are not careful with your campaign set up. If you understand some basic principles about AdWords and make sure you follow them, then advertising using Google  can be highly cost effective.

I’ve been running AdWords campaigns from my office in Norwich, Norfolk, for quite a few years now. I remember that back in the early days of Adwords, there was a lot less to think about when setting up an AdWords Campaign.

I believe that these days, the reason why people pay too much for their AdWords clicks is because they ignore “Quality Score”. We used to rely on making sure a keyword had a good click through rate and that was it. Nowadays it’s different. The page that you send someone to when they click on your Ad, must now be optimised correctly or you’ll pay too much for your clicks. It’s quite possible that someone can pay less than you and be above you on the search page.

The relationship between your Ad, the keywords that trigger the Ad and the landing page on the website has to be understood for Google AdWords to work successfully for you. Pay Per Click advertising does work and can make you money, however small your business might be. Get AdWords working correctly for you and you won’t be a small business for long.

So, how do you pay less for Google AdWords? Look at your landing page and make sure it can convert and make sure your “Quality Score” is as high as possible.

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