Google AdWords doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a few ways to make it cheaper and ensure that you don’t waste money on the wrong clicks.

The first thing to keep an eye on is looking for the actual key phrases that are being typed in. You can find these under the keywords tab in your campaign and look for the ‘search terms’ tab. Look for any words that you don’t want triggering your Ad and add them to the negative search terms tab. Although you can target your AdWords campaign to a specific area, quite often locations will be searched for which will be an area you don’t cover. Add these locations in to your negative keyword list.

You won’t get these actual search terms come up immediately you start a campaign. You’ll need to give it a good few days before anything starts to show up so make sure you look at this tab at least once a week. The search terms tab will also show you terms that you may want to add to your AdGroup as an ‘exact match’ keyword type. Do this if you can as it will save you money.

As I was just mentioning above, you can use location targeting. Either adding in to your keyword lists or as negative keywords. Using this approach wisely and using location targeting in your campaign settings, you will again make your AdWords spend less.

Getting AdWords right can be a time consuming occupation but there are great benefits to be had by having a well thought out productive AdWords campaign in your overall marketing mix.

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