A system for publishing customer reviews is an essential part of a modern eCommerce website. The search engines and Google in particular, want the customer experience to be as worthwhile as possible. Including customer reviews on your website will undoubtedly give you a head start in optimising your website for the search engines. Although I have said on other pages on this website that doing anything purely because you want to get a high search engine ranking is a mistake, customer reviews do both. You are giving your customers the best information about the quality of the product they are buying and are getting a leg up from the search engines at the same time.

Reviews also are content. Written by a third party in a customer review, the content is pure gold. When a customer has bought a product, be sure to send them a link to the product page and plead and beg with them if necessary to give you a positive review on the product in question. Hopefully though, your customer service will have been first class and on recognising this, your customer will be only too happy to leave a glowing report about your online retail business.

You can be assured that on buying an eCommerce from me, a customer review system will be in place and ready to go.