Did you know that your business listings should be consistent across the web directories? “Incomplete listings can negatively impact your ability to rank well in search engine results.” This is a direct quote from Moz Local.

So, what does this mean? Well it’s probably fairly self explanatory, but your question now is likely to be, “So why is that then?” And the answer is as follows:

In the UK there are 4 main “Aggregators”, these are websites that collect your location data for instance and then re-distribute the information to local search engines. It’s really necessary that  the information collected is consistent as otherwise your business may not show up in the search results. The information being, your business name, business address and telephone number.

I wrote a post the other day explaining about how important questions are when writing blog posts. A typical question may start with “Where?”. So your business location is therefore extremely important and that means a consistent listing is very important. By the way, the use of “Where?” in a question has risen almost 300% in the last year. A mind boggling statistic. The rise being due to the increasing use of voice search.

To get these listings consistent, does take a lot of work but it’s worth it it as directory listings are a  major part of search engine optimisation.

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