You want more customers? I’m sure you do. Certainly if you are looking to grow your business anyway. You can do it with Google AdWords and perhaps you’ve tried  pay per click marketing but it hasn’t worked for you.

My belief is that the main reason that people fail to make PPC marketing work for them is that they don’t pay enough attention to the landing page. Where you send someone once they’ve clicked your Ad, is so important to get right. Get it wrong and you’ll waste a lot of money. Get it right and you will stand a very good chance of making a lot of money with increased sales.

The simplest way to explain how to make your landing pages work for you is to that you should try to think of them as an expanded AdWords Ad. Think of all the things that you’d like to write in the Ad within your AdWords campaign but can’t because you simply don’t have much space. The Ad itself does need to attract clicks so it must be good. What’s good? Good is an Ad that gives you a high click through rate. How will you get an Ad like this? By testing various Ads until you come up with one that people will click on.

The landing page though must tie in closely with the Ad or when they click through to your site ,they won’t see what they expect and they’ll leave your site. Thereby wasting your money you’ve paid to have them click through to your website.

Get the landing page right and you’ll get enquiries.

How will you know if the landing page is good? Look for the quality score for the keyword that’s being clicked. A low score means that Google doesn’t think much of the landing page experience. That should be a good signal to you that you need to do more work on the landing page.

By the way, the layout of the landing page is equally important. Not too much text, perhaps a couple of images. People love to see images that are closely related to whatever it is that they clicked through to your site for. You can use stock images but photographs which are more personal to your business will work better.

If you would like any help with this, please contact me as I’d be happy to explain more about how Google AdWords can help your business to grow.

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