Lowering your keyword bids might sound counter intuitive. Surely if you want more from Gooogle AdWords you raise the keyword bid. Don’t you? The answer to that is “Possibly”.

The thing is, if you have a limited budget, it might be better if your Ad was showing more often don’t you think? Ok, it won’t be in the top positions perhaps, but more people will see your Ad, perhaps at the bottom of page one or even on page two.

If your budget is limited, lower your bids and work hard on getting the best quality score that you can. If you do this, you may retain a good position anyway. People who think that if you pay more for your clicks you’ll get the best results, are mistaken. AdWords doesn’t work like that. Google does everything possible to encourage you to link your Ads to great landing pages. If you do and the quality score goes up, then your likely to pay less for a higher position. And with a tight budget that surely should be the way to go.

Ok, if you have the money, you can test in all kinds of ways to get your AdWords Ads making you a good return on your investment. You might get away with a lower quality score and still make money. Lowing your bids though, puts your Ads in front of more people. Work especially on the keywords that have a good click through rate. You can certainly lower the bids on those. A good click through rate will again help you to pay less when using AdWords.

The relationship between click through rate and quality score is vital in understanding how to get the best out of AdWords. A good click through rate means that people like your Ad. If your quality score is high then that means that Google thinks that the landing page you are sending people to is relevant. This is so important when it comes to the most vital statistic of all. Conversion. If no-one buys when they land on your site, the whole thing becomes a bit pointless. A high quality score at least tells you that the landing page is relevant to the search term.

Does that help? I hope so. AdWords is highly cost effective when done properly.

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