I was talking in my Thrive networking group in Norwich yesterday about my new cheaper Google AdWords package which is especially aimed at smaller businesses. Anyway, a question came up regarding running an AdWords campaign for just part of the year. Easy to do I said as an AdWords campaign can be switched on and off pretty much whenever you want.

So, let’s say you want to run an advertising campaign for the Christmas period only. This could be to drive traffic to an online shop and you want to promote Christmas gifts. Or it could be that a certain period in the year is less busy and you want to boost enquiries for just a short period as you are busy the rest of the year. AdWords can help with this. By creating a seasonal campaign, you can focus your keywords on seasonal search terms. Once the season is over and your sales increase naturally again, you can switch off AdWords until you need it again next year.

This approach to marketing your business could help to iron out any seasonal fluctuations in your business. As AdWords is so flexible and cost effective it’s certainly worth looking in to.

I used AdWords to great effect in this way when I owned my own eCommerce site. I had campaigns especially set up for Christmas which helped to boost sales at that time of year substantially.

As I was saying earlier in this post, I’m launching a new AdWords package aimed at small businesses that want to see how Google AdWords can generate extra income. You can start with a budget as small as you like. There’s no set up fee. All I’m asking to run such a campaign for you is 20% on top of the cost of clicks. This could be a seasonal campaign that you could only when you need an extra boost in enquiries or sales.

If you’d like to find out more, let’s have a coffee and a chat. Call me on Norwich 01603 383477 or send me an email.