Join My Google Ads Community

Are you frustrated that Google Ads doesn’t give you the results you thought it would?

For just £10 a month you can join my Google Ads community. There is no contract. You can leave the community if you should so wish at any time.

You’ll have access to the membership area on my website which is full of bite-size videos. These are not long boring tutorials, but step by step guides to help you with the basic tasks that will get your Google Ads campaigns performing correctly, so you don’t waste money but you do start making money.

You’ll get my help and support all along the way. Each month you’ll be able to ask me questions during a weekly group Zoom meeting. On top of that I’ll be on hand to give you support via email to help you build successful Google Ads campaigns.

This will be the start of your journey towards getting you the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Does this sound good to you?

Then sign up today and let’s start you on the journey to growing your business.

Join community plus and you will not only have the benefit of the Google Ads video guides and email support, you will be invited into the mastermind Zoom workshop group.

Each month I’ll be there to answer questions in greater depth and conduct a workshop on specific areas of Google Ads.
This will benefit your business greatly as you will learn, amongst other things, key lessons in how to write Ads that will raise your click through rates, create AdGroups that will target your potential customers more effectively and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Register today and let’s start growing your business.

With Collaboration, you get all of the benefits of belonging to the Google Ads community, plus you’ll have your campaigns linked to my system so that I can oversee what you’re doing.

You’ll make the changes to your campaigns and you’ll get accountability from me which will ensure that you will learn to continuously adjust your campaigns to get the best from Google Ads.

We’ll have a monthly 1-2-1 review Zoom meeting to ensure that you are keeping on track with your campaigns.

If you’d like to sign up for collaboration, please register today.

With full management, I would have complete access to your Google Ads account via my management system and I would run your campaigns completely.

We would have a monthly Zoom meeting to discuss the progress of the campaigns and your goals.
If you’d like to be involved in the community, you’d certainly be welcome.

Register today if you’d like me to take over the running of your Google Ads campaigns.


  • Members area access
  • Access to video Guides
  • Weekly Group Zoom Meeting
  • Unlimited Email Support

Community Plus

  • Members area access
  • Access to video Guides
  • Weekly Group Zoom Meeting
  • Mastermind Group Zoom Meeting
  • Unlimited Email Support


  • Members area access
  • Access to video Guides
  • Weekly Group Zoom Meeting
  • Mastermind Group Zoom Meeting
  • 1-2-1 Zoom Meeting
  • Continuous review


  • FULL

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